Notice to Parents Concerning Returned Checks

  • Roanoke County Public Schools has contracted with an outside company, Envision Payment Solutions, effective February 2011 for collecting checks returned for insufficient funds (NSF) on a more efficient basis. As with any business, the school system has an obligation to be fiscally accountable and cost effective. Contracting with a vendor for this service will save staff time and improve collections.

    The school division will still gladly accept your checks as payment. Please be advised that when you provide a check as payment, you authorize us to: 1) use information from the check to make a one-time electronic fund transfer from your account and/or; 2) to process the payment as a check transaction.

    Additionally, if your check is returned to us as unpaid, you authorize us to collect a fee (currently $50 plus any bank fees) through an electronic transfer from your account.

    The following information is required on all checks made payable to your child’s school or the school division:

    •  Full Name
    •  Street Address
    •  Phone Number

    Customers (check writers) with returned check inquiries should contact:
    Envision Payment Solutions™
    Tel 877.290.5460, or 770.709.3100
    Fax 770.709.3007
    P.O. Box 157
    Suwanee, GA 30024-0157