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Golden Apple Teacher of the Year Awards

  • The Education Foundation Golden Apple Teacher of the Year program was created to recognize and honor teachers who have made an impact on their students, either academically or personally.  Each year, teachers from across Roanoke County Public Schools are nominated by students, parents, co-workers and administrators to receive the Golden Apple Teacher of the Year Award, the highest award presented to a teacher by the Education Foundation.  In addition, one teacher from the elementary, middle and high school levels will be presented the Red Apple Award; and one teacher who has taught less than 3 years will receive the Green Apple Award. 


    The award will be given to a teacher who has demonstrated accomplishments in the classroom and/or with individual student performance.  Criteria is based on, but not limited to, effectiveness as a role model; making learning fun and exciting; mentoring students; and making an impact on students' lives.


    To nominate a deserving teacher, fill out the nomination form (online or print version) and return it to Chuck Lionberger, Roanoke County Public Schools Education Foundation, Inc., 5937 Cove Road , Roanoke , VA 24019 ; Fax: 540-562-3992.  NOMINATIONS ARE KEPT CONFIDENTIAL.

    The deadline to submit nominations is 11:59 p.m. on January 15, 2024.

    Nominees will be notified and asked to complete an application.  To be considered for the Golden Apple Award, nominees must submit an application.  Nominees who do not wish to be considered do not need to submit an application.  Applications are due by 11:59 p.m. on February 16, 2024.  Several applications will be chosen as finalists for the Golden/Green Apple Award and will be required to submit a short video of a typical classroom lesson.  The finalists will be notified in late February.  Videos will be due by late March.

    Five winners will be chosen by a selection committee made up of Foundation Board members, administrators, teachers, parents and community members. One grand prize winner will be chosen as the Golden Apple Teacher of the Year; one Red Apple winner will be chosen for each level of education - elementary, middle and high school levels; and one winner will be chosen for the Green Apple, a teacher who has taught less than three years. The winners will be announced at the Golden Apple Award celebration on April 17, 2024 at the Vinton War Memorial.

    The Golden Apple Teacher of the Year winner will also advance to the Salem-Roanoke County Chamber of Commerce as the Educator of the Year for Roanoke County, and will be the Roanoke County Public Schools nominee for the 2026 Virginia Teacher of the Year.

Golden Apple Awards trophy
  • 2004 Recipients
    Golden Apple Winner:  Jennifer Griffin, Penn Forest Elem.
    Finalist:  Jenny Basham, Mount Pleasant Elem.
    Finalist:  Julie Beatty, Clearbrook Elem.
    Finalist:  William Bolster, Northside Middle
    Finalist:  Susan Foy, William Byrd High

    2005 Recipients
    Golden Apple Winner:  Jeff Hollandsworth, RCCC
    Finalist:  Gaye Blevins, Oak Grove Elem.
    Finalist:  Peter Lustig, Cave Spring High
    Finalist:  Lynn Payne, Hidden Valley Middle
    Finalist:  Jayne Perala, Cave Spring Elem.

    2006 Recipients
    Golden Apple Winner:  Cheryl Brenton, W.E. Cundiff Elem.
    Green Apple:  Craig Hodge, William Byrd M.S.
    Finalist:  Kevin Feazel, Burlington Elem.
    Finalist:  Wayne Journell, Glenvar High
    Finalist:  Mara Pufko, Northside High
    Finalist:  Joy Watson, Bonsack Elem.

    2007 Recipients
    Golden Apple Winner:  Suzanne Witcher, Bonsack Elem.
    Green Apple:  Ashley Jones, Bonsack Elem.
    Finalist:  Sharon Hill, Glenvar Middle
    Finalist:  Kari Sullivan, Bonsack Elem.
    Finalist:  Ashley Williams, W.E. Cundiff Elem.
    Finalist:  Tracy Jenkins, Glenvar High

    2008 Recipients
    Golden Apple Winner:  Chris Overfelt, BCAT
    Green Apple:  Kari Hancock - William Byrd High
    Finalist:  Shawn Fortner, Back Creek Elem.
    Finalist:  Cindy Curbow, Hidden Valley Middle
    Finalist:  Ginger Cromer, Arnold R. Burton Tech. Ctr.

  • 2009 Recipients
    Golden Apple Winner:  Kathy Barber, W.E. Cundiff Elem.
    Green Apple:  Erin Carroll - Glenvar Elem.
    Finalist:  Amy Crawford, Glenvar Elem.
    Finalist:  Lisa Weneta, Hidden Valley Middle
    Finalist:  Skip Larrington - Hidden Valley High

    2010 Recipients
    Golden Apple Winner:  Katie Sandlin, William Byrd Middle
    Green Apple:  Rick Marciniec, Hidden Valley High
    Finalist:  Catie Moretz, Oak Grove Elem.
    Finalist:  Beth Sellers, Glenvar Middle
    Finalist:  Alan Strecker, Northside High

    2011 Recipients
    Golden Apple Winner:  Stephen Biscotte, Cave Spring High
    Green Apple:  Janey Barney, Burlington Elem.
    Finalist:  Christine Stanley, Bonsack Elem.
    Finalist:  Laurel Look, Glenvar Middle
    Finalist:  Steve Franco, Glenvar High

    2012 Recipients
    Golden Apple Winner:  Chip Donahue, Glen Cove Elem.
    Green Apple:  Vicki Frost, Burlington Elem.
    Elem. Red Apple:  Scott Price, Mountain View Elem.
    Middle Red Apple:  Erica Rosser, WBMS
    High Red Apple:  Amy Bolen, NHS

    2013 Recipients
    Golden Apple Winner:  Melissa Carr, WBHS
    Green Apple:  Kendra Bush, Glenvar Elem.
    Elem. Red Apple:  Hayley Deeds, Ft. Lewis/Oak Grove Elem.
    Middle Red Apple:  Katie Deal, GMS
    High Red Apple:  Susan Sine, CSHS

  • 2014 Recipients
    Golden Apple Winner:  Dana Hoos, Mt. Pleasant Elem.
    Green Apple:  Kristen Garber, Mountain View Elem.
    Elem. Red Apple:  Tonya Atkins, Oak Grove Elem.
    Middle Red Apple:  Trevor Ruble, GMS
    High Red Apple:  Carrie Honaker, HVHS

    2015 Recipients
    Golden Apple Winner:  Betsey Miles, H.L. Horn Elem.
    Green Apple:  Krista Lyle, Mt. Pleasant Elem.
    Elem. Red Apple:  Lynez Humphries, Mt. Pleasant Elem.
    Middle Red Apple:  Tiffany Sakaguchi, CSMS
    High Red Apple:  Brian Harris, HVHS

    2016 Recipients
    Golden Apple Winner:  Barbara McGrath, WBHS
    Green Apple:  Blaine Mills, Glenvar Elem.
    Elem. Red Apple:  Jasmine Herritt, Burlington Elem.
    Middle Red Apple:  Karen Perry-Carroll, NMS
    High Red Apple:  Ann Franco, GHS

    2017 Recipients
    Golden Apple Winner: Tracey Broughman, Mt. Pleasant Elem.
    Green Apple: Rebecca Bays, Penn Forest Elem.
    Elem. Red Apple:  Erin Edmondson, W. E. Cundiff Elem.
    Middle Red Apple: April Griffin, NMS
    High Red Apple:  Kelsey Bible, GHS

    2018 Recipients
    Golden Apple Winner: Leslie Saul, Back Creek Elem.
    Green Apple: B.J. Joyce, BCAT
    Elem. Red Apple:  Cynthia Jones, Penn Forest Elem.
    Middle Red Apple: Lisa Riddle, HVMS
    High Red Apple: Alan Strecker, NHS

  • 2019 Recipients
    Golden Apple Winner: Ashley Williams, WBMS
    Green Apple: Kristen Sink, Oak Grove Elem.
    Elem. Red Apple:  Traci Altice, Bonsack Elem.
    Middle Red Apple: Jeffrey Maynard, NMS
    High Red Apple: Terry Haynie, GHS

    2020 Recipients
    Golden Apple Winner: Marianne Nester, Bonsack Elem.
    Green Apple: Allison Underwood, Bonsack Elem.
    Elem. Red Apple:  Nola Causey, W.E. Cundiff Elem.
    Middle Red Apple: Amanda Rupe, WBMS
    High Red Apple:  Chris Overfelt, BCAT

    2021 Recipients
    Golden Apple Winner: Mandy Churchill, Clearbrook Elem.
    Green Apple: Tessa Urgo, Penn Forest Elem.
    Elem. Red Apple:  Krysta Lyle, Mt. Pleasant Elem.
    Middle Red Apple: Paige Mitchem, CSMS
    High Red Apple: Katie Hetherington, WBHS

    2022 Recipients
    Golden Apple Winner: Amber Benson, NMS
    Green Apple: Tracey Addison, WBMS
    Elem. Red Apple:  Missy Peroulas, Bonsack
    Middle Red Apple: Matt Barley, WBMS
    High Red Apple: Brian Harris, HVHS

    2023 Recipients
    Golden Apple Winner: Mary Alcoke, Penn Forest Elem.
    Green Apple: Ryan Adams, WBHS
    Elem. Red Apple:  Heather Wray, W.E Cundiff Elem.
    Middle Red Apple: Karen Perry, NMS
    High Red Apple: Chris Overfelt, BCAT