Center for Mass Communication Studies

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  • As part of the Roanoke County Governor's STEM Academy at BCAT, the Center for Mass Communication provides a four-year course of study exploring all aspects of the communication process. Students will study the history and development of different media and their effects on individuals and society as well as learn the skills necessary to analyze and create sophisticated communications. Other focus topics include marketing techniques, media, radio, and print production along with legal and ethical industry issues. A supervised internship in the areas of television, radio, web, and print media will be part of the four year course of study.

    Goals and Objectives:

    • To provide students an opportunity to focus on the major elements of the communications industry including journalism and public relations;

    • To afford students a hands-on experience in television, radio, web, and print media production;

    • To equip students for success in college and beyond.


List of Classes

    • History & Intro To Mass Communication 
    • Media Production I, II
    • Applied Media Production
    • Pre-AP English 9/10
    • AP English 11
    • Speech Fundamentals
    • Digital and Web Design
    • Media Production Internship