The Commonwealth of Virginia requires public schools to maintain attendance records for all students. Compulsory attendance is required for children “who will have reached their fifth birthday on or before September 30 of any school year and who has not passed the eighteenth birthday” as noted in the Code of Virginia (§22.1-254). Regular school attendance is critical to a student’s success in school; therefore, if a student does not attend school regularly, he/she may not be successful.

    The information below will help us keep accurate attendance records for your child.

    Tardy to School. All students should be in their classes or designated areas by 8:20 am. A student arriving late to school must report directly to the Attendance Office.  An “appointment” excuse should come directly from a doctor, dentist, court, etc. with a corresponding note. Since Roanoke County provides bus transportation to school, car issues are not an excused tardy. Students must arrive to school by 11:35am to participate in ANY afternoon school activities.

    Tardy to Class. Attendance is taken at the beginning of each block. If your child arrives to any block after the tardy bell, parents are able to see this information on the ParentVue link.

    Early Dismissals. If your child needs to be dismissed during the school day, please have the student bring a note with the student’s full name, grade and time to be picked up to the Attendance Office before first block so that the teacher dismissing the student will be aware the student is leaving. Parents need to arrive with enough time for their child to be called from class and packed up. Students are not released from class until the parent has arrived and proven identification. An “appointment” excuse should come directly from the doctor/dentist, court, etc. All notes are kept on file at the school.

    Priors.  A “prior” is needed for planned absences from school for an extended period of time. Although extended absences during the school year are discouraged for family trips, sometimes illness, surgery or family circumstances may involve an extended absence.   If the absence is known in advance, a parent/guardian must send in a note to the attendance office at least one week prior to the absence stating the dates and reason for absence. The student will have each teacher sign the form and then return it to the Attendance Office. The student must make arrangements with each teacher concerning missed work. If the form is not returned to the attendance office, the absence will be considered unexcused.

    Absences. We must account for all absences. Parents should call 772-7570 to notify the Attendance Office of their child’s absence. Please leave a message on voicemail, if necessary, stating the student’s name and reason for absence. The Attendance Office will attempt to contact by phone each absentee’s parent/guardian who has not notified the school. If no contact has been made, the absence will be marked as unexcused. Excused absences include doctor or dentist appointments, personal illness or illness in the family, death in the family, or involuntary court appearance.  Please send appropriate documentation: note from doctor/dentist office, court, etc. when the student returns.

    Illness at school.  All students should report to the nurse’s office when feeling ill at school. The nurse will call the parent to notify them when a student has come to her office. Students should not call or text a parent unless the nurse has been seen.

    Extra note.  ALL persons entering the building must sign in and get a badge, even when dropping off a student’s forgotten items.