Business & Keyboarding


  • EXPLORATORY COMPUTER SKILLS 6 (Interest Block Program)
    Students will become familiar with the RCPS Acceptable Computer Use Policy. Students will better understand the uses and safety precautions needed when using technology. Topics will include cyber-bullying, cyber-predators, email use, social networking, texting, blogs, gaming, copyright infringement, virus/malware, and firewalls.

    EXPLORATORY COMPUTER SKILLS 7 (Interest Block Program)

    Students are introduced to the computer skills needed for success in school and life. Students will learn how to safely navigate the internet, format Microsoft Word documents and develop presentation skills for classroom success. Students will explore the skills needed to make them “Opportunity Ready”.


    Students use the computer as a problem-solving tool to complete a variety of projects. Students are introduced to a variety of software applications such as Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access, and Publisher. Student participate in team-building activities that include both academic and business competencies. Students will participate in FBLA activities.

    KEYBOARDING (Grade 8)

    Students develop touch keyboarding skills as they learn to key accurately and efficiently. In addition, they will learn to produce a variety of documents which include personal letters, business letters, reports, tables, and employment documents. Students will participate in FBLA activities.

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