AP Tests

  • AP Exam scores from the May 2022 administration will be available starting July 5th, 2022 on the student's College Board MyAP account. 



    All AP Students, regardless of whether they plan to take the AP Exam, will need to create a College Board student account. Check out this AP Student Info Document for instructions on creating your account! Some students have already created this account when they registered for a SAT or PSAT test. 



    If you are taking an AP Course please refer to this College Board website to see where your AP Test Scores may transfer to. This site will let you know if your planned college will accept your AP Test Score for credit. 


    Students' Free Score Report: Students need to indicate in My AP the college, university, or scholarship program they'd like to receive their score report for free. Students indicate this information only through My AP - My AP Profile - click the Score Send tab; they no longer indicate this on their answer sheets.

    Students get one free score send each year they take an AP Exam, and their score report will include their AP scores from this year and any previous years. Colleges and universities use official score reports to determine credit or placement, if applicable. Students have until June 20, 2022, to change their free score send selection.



     - Dual Enrollment students do not have to pay AP fees UNLESS they plan on taking the AP Exam.