• AP Decision Dates:      The Week of September 12th

    Payment Dates:            September 29th & 30th (Before school & during all three lunches)


    Payment Information

    1. Students planning to take an AP EXAM will register for the exam during the week of September 12th in their AP course by verifying their exam choice with Mrs. Austin or Mrs. Snell.
    2. Burton students, Virtual VA, and Roanoke Valley Governor’s School students registered individually with Mrs. Austin or Mrs. Snell.
    1. AP Exam payment will be collected on Thursday, September 29th & Friday, September 30th.  The exam cost is $97.
    2. The cost of the exam for students who receive free or reduced lunch will be covered by a grant this year; therefore, payment will not be collected.
    3. Checks or money orders need to be made payable to Northside High School. Please include your first and last name on the check memo line along with the exam(s) taking. If paying with cash, please include your name on a piece of paper with the name of the exam(s) and clip it to the cash.
    4. Payment can be submitted online through MySchoolBucks until October 14th.  
    5. Payment will be collected on 9/29 & 9/30:
    1. Before school in front of the lobby from 7:45 a.m. – 8:15 a.m.
    2. During all three lunches outside of the cafeteria.
    1. Students taking multiple AP exams may pay for all exams together.


    Additional Information - Please Read Carefully!

    1. Students may not take AP Exams early. If a student needs late testing due to an emergency, a $40 late fee may be applied. The late testing dates are May 17-19. In order to receive late testing, students must notify Mrs. Snell in the counseling department prior to the exam date.
    2. If a student does not turn in an AP exam payment on September 29th or 30th, the student will need to see Mrs. Austin in the counseling department to turn in the payment.
    3. All students will need to see Mrs. Austin on September 29th or 30th regardless of exam fee. (Regular fee = $97 or reduced/free lunch fee = $0). This will serve as a final exam verification.
    4. The deadline to order AP exams for full year and 1st semester courses is Friday, October 15th.
    5. The deadline for students requiring accommodations on their AP exams is due by Friday, October 15th. Please see Mrs. Snell.
    6. Refund policy:  If a student orders an exam and changes his or her mind about taking the exam after the registration deadline, the unused exam cost is $40 per exam. The student will receive a refund of $57 per exam.

    *Refunds will NOT be issued to students who do not show up for the exam and fail to notify Mrs. Austin or Mrs. Snell prior to the exam date.  

    1. All AP exams will be given at Northside High School. Detailed information will be available closer to exam time.

    Students can find additional information and practice questions online at https://apstudent.collegeboard.org/takingtheexam.