• Dear Parents,

    Please remember to call the Attendance Office (540-561-8155) if your child is absent from school and make sure to send in a note when they return to school.  Sending me an email also counts as a note from you.   Also, please send in a note any time they will be tardy.

    If you know that your child will miss school due to an out of town trip, please send in a note to the Attendance Office listing the days and the reason for the absence IN ADVANCE.    There is a form that needs to be filled out for pre-excused absences.  Out of town absences must be PRE-APPROVED by the grade level principal or they are UN-excused.  After the principal approves the absence, your child must have all of their teachers sign it, and then return it to the Attendance Office.  Remember that your child is responsible for all work missed when he or she is absent!

    Thank you very much for your help!!

    Lisa Kendrick

Infographic explaining each tardy consequence

    Regular attendance at school is important in making academic progress and developing responsibility. Students are expected to arrive to all classes on time every day. Please refer to Policy 7.07AR Student Attendance for detailed information about absences and tardies. § 22.1-254. of the Code of Virginia addresses compulsory attendance, excuses and waivers, alternative education program attendance, and exemptions. The Code of Virginia specifically prohibits the use of suspension in cases of truancy: § 22.1-277. Suspensions and expulsions of pupils generally. Truancy means unexcused absence from school. However, there is an important distinction between a student who is truant and one who is chronically truant. A student displays truant behavior with a single unexcused absence from school. A student who reaches or surpasses an excessive number of absences may be considered chronically truant and be subject to intervention as defined within this policy and Policy 7.07 Student Attendance. Virginia law does not define a truant behavior specifically but does define a child who is habitually and without justification absent from school as a "child in need of supervision" when certain other conditions are met.

    According to § 16.1-228. A. of the Code of Virginia, the following criteria defines a "child in need of supervision" who is truant:

    • A child who, while subject to compulsory school attendance, is habitually and without justification absent from school;
    • The child has been offered an adequate opportunity to receive the benefit of any and all educational services and programs that are required to be provided by law and which meet the child's particular educational needs;
    • The school division from which the child is absent or other appropriate agency has made a reasonable effort to affect the child's regular attendance without success; and
    • The school division has provided documentation that it has complied with the provisions of § 22.1-258 that address actions to be taken when a pupil fails to report to school.