• Pay Day Reading Incentive

    Pay Day Reading Incentive

    Students will earn rewards for reading!

    To Participate:

    • Students will read daily (or read with an adult) for at least 15 minutes.
    • Log the date, title, and an adult’s initials on their reading log.
    • When the log is full, send it back to school.

    Each month, I will collect all of the logs on the 1st of the month.  On the first Wednesday of the month, we will have Pay Day during lunch.  Students will wear their terrier necklaces (most students already have one from last year).

    They will earn:

    • One Terrier Charm for every log turned in
    • One Book It Pizza Certificate each month
    • One entry to win a tablet (FOR EVERY LOG!!!)

    The best part is that students can read as much as they like.  We want them to be reading books that are appropriate to their reading level but it can be on MYON.com, in a book, or in a magazine.  They can turn in as many logs as they have full.  Not finished with a log at the end of the month, no problem, just keep reading and they can turn it in for the next months’ rewards!  Every completed log is an entry to win a free tablet!

    Pay Day Reading Log

    Pay Day Dates

    Logs Collected:  Nov. 1st, Dec. 2nd, Jan. 7th, Feb. 4th, March 2nd, March 30th, May 4th

    Pay Day Dates:  Nov. 6th, Dec. 4th, Jan. 8th, Feb. 5th, March 4th, April 1st, May 6th