• Welcome to the Technology Help Desk!

    Mr. Jacob Tyree and Mrs. Kim Booth head up our technology team here at GHS. This page is dedicated to helpful, troubleshooting tips that address many FAQs that have been asked over the years.  Look to the left n the green bar for specific topics listed underneath the heading "Technology Help Desk." If you do not see your topic addressed, please reach out to one of us via email.


    Submitting a Technology Help Desk Ticket



    Please provide the following information in any email and/or voicemail:

    • Laptop Name (see label on top cover)
    • Student name, grade and school
    • Your preferred contact information
    • A description of the computer issue

    Common Q & A

    ☐   Can I get a loaner laptop or charger I left mine at home today?

    • RCPS does not give out loaner laptops or chargers EXCEPT for SOL testing

    ☐   Do you have an extra mouse I can use for Minecraft?

    • We do not have extra mice that can be loaned out for Minecraft. Many stores sell cheap USB mice such as Walmart and the Dollar Store.

    ☐   I accidentally broke my laptop, do I have to pay to have it fixed?

    • The laptop fee you and your parents or guardians pay at the beginning of the school year helps cover the Accidental Damage Warranty through Dell. This covers the cost of any ACCIDENTAL damages.
    • You will be charged for damages if:
      • They are deemed INTENTIONAL
      • They are a result of negligence such as leaving your laptop outside in a rain storm
      • Loss of the laptop or laptop equipment
    • Students are REQUIRED to turn in all three laptop items with matching laptop ID numbers at the end of the year.
      • Example- John Doe was issued HS20001. That laptop ID number is on his laptop, laptop bag, and laptop charger. If he doesn’t turn in any of those 3 items, he will be charged for replacing it before being issued a laptop the following school year/graduation.
      • If you turn in another student’s charger but the one with your laptop ID number, you will be charged for replacing your missing charger.

    ☐   What can I do to fix my computer or make it run faster?

    • Daily restarts of your computer will help flush out any software running in the background as well as help pull important system updates. RCPS pushes out updates on the 14th of every month or the following Monday if that day falls upon a weekend.

    ☐   I’m having issues with _______ on my laptop. How do I fix it?

    • Restart
    • Restart
    • Restart
    • Seriously though, over 90% of IT problems are resolved by a simple restart.