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  • About the Program

    As part of the Roanoke County Governor's STEM Academy at BCAT, the Center for Mass Communication provides a four-year course of study exploring all aspects of the communication process. Students will study the history and development of different media and their effects on individuals and society as well as learn the skills necessary to analyze and create sophisticated communications. Other focus topics include marketing techniques, media, radio, and print production along with legal and ethical industry issues. A supervised internship in the areas of television, radio, web, and print media will be part of the four year course of study.

    Goals and Objectives:

    • To offer students an opportunity to focus on the major elements of the communications industry
    • To afford students a hands-on experience in multimedia production
    • To develop professionalism, public, speaking, and interpersonal communication abilities
    • To educate students in traditional and jounalistic writing styles
    • To provide students a skill-base for entry into the field of mass communication and give them an advantage in the university setting

    The program focueses on a hands-on learning experience. Focus topics include: marketing techniques, public speaking, media literacy, multimedia production, and legal and ethical industry issues. Seniors complete an intership within the industry.


  • Instructors

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    Eric Salo

    Started at BCAT in 2006
    Started in the field in 1997
    M.A. Mass Communication and Journalism
    B.A. Communication


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    Elizabeth Chapman

    Started at BCAT in 2012
    Began teaching in 2007
    M.A. English
    B.A. Communications



    Michael Cubberley

    Started at Burton in 2022
    Began teaching in 2016
    Masters of Education
    B.A. Communication

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    Sara Cubberley

    Started at BCAT in 2019
    Began teaching in 2008
    Masters of Education

    BFA: Graphic Design

  • Career Pathways




    Graphic / Web Designer

    Marketing / Advertising

    Public Relations

    Videographer / Photographer

    Video / Film Editor

  • Additional Application Information
    The Center for Mass Communication is a specialty center that has additional requirements as part of the application process. For more information about this program's specific application requirements, please visit the Specialty Centers page of the RCPS website: https://www.rcps.us/Domain/1484