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  • About the Program

    The Center for Visual Arts offers a four-year advanced program for students who are talented and motivated in the visual arts. Students accepted into the program are immersed in creative visual art experiences to integrate studio work, research, critique aesthetics, and career opportunities. CVA provides internship opportunities, interaction with artists, businesses, and art museums. The program cultivates the development of critical analysis, problem solving, design skills, and professionalism.

    CVA 1 - Cultures:

    •  Students learn in an accelerated environment about visual art styles, techniques, and materials. The connection of cultures, economics, and individuals through the study of art periods are emphasized. Students establish research journals and art portfolios for mentor and career partnerships.

    CVA 2 - Styles:

    • Students expand their knowledge of studio techniques and art history from the Renaissance through Contemporary times. Explore art careers, talk and work with visiting artists, and take part in field trips, including visits to the Taubman Museum of Art. Students earn weighted credit while filling visual journals with research, experimentation and ideas, and create a wide range of artwork for their portfolio.

    CVA 3 - Personal Style:

    • Students are provided with opportunities to be self-directed, explore media in depth and develop their personal styles. Students increase their art technique proficiency with guided studio projects, field trips, and museum studies at the Taubman Museum of Art. Majority of the class time is spent on studio work, with a strong emphasis on the creation of an individualized artistic style and voice. CVA3 students begin to build their portfolio for senior year. Instructors focus exemplars mainly on 20th and 21st century artists, with an emphasis on American artists since 1950.

    CVA4 - Careers / AP Studio Art:

    • Students have the opportunity to take two classes in one, each one is weighted. The Advanced Placement Studio Art class focuses on the production of artwork to create a digital portfolio in preparation for evaluation for possible college credit and submission to college programs and scholarships.


    Goals and Objectives:

    • To provide talented and motivated students with an opportunity to study the visual arts in an enriched and accelerated environment;
    • To immerse students in creative and intensive visual arts experiences;
    • To provide students with a specific understanding of the history and impact of the visual arts;
    • To facilitate internships with professional artists and businesses;
    • To encourage participation in visual arts electives, extra-curricular, and cocurricular activities.
  • Instructors

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    Natalie Strum

    Started at BCAT in 2011
    Entered the field in 2002
    MAEd Art

    BA Fine Arts with focus on Illustration


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    Pam Rose

    Started at BCAT in 2014
    Entered the field in 1984
    BA Studio Art with focus on Illustration
    Further studies toward Masters Art Ed.



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    Rhonda Wilson

    Started at Burton in 2022 

  • Career Pathways


    Product Designer

    Interior Designer

    Museum Curator

    Art Teacher


    Graphic Desinger



    Art Historian

    Urban Designer

    Infinite Possibilities

  • Additional Application Information
    The Center for Visual Arts is a specialty center that has additional requirements as part of the application process. For more information about this program's specific application requirements, please visit the Specialty Centers page of the RCPS website: https://www.rcps.us/Domain/1484