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    While enrolled in mechatronics, you will be introduced to most aspects of modern automated systems. Mechatronics, during all three years, is mostly project driven and provides many opportunities to learn and apply engineering and manufacturing based skills. One such opportunity is that we offer dual enrollment courses at Virginia Western Community College. This can help you not only learn skills that go beyond what is usually sought after in the manufacturing industry, but it also gives you college credits. This program is also part of the Roanoke Valley Governor's STEM Academy.

    Year 1

    • In this year, you will be focused mostly on safety and general operation of the machines available for use in the class. You will learn how to properly measure parts using different tools while learning additive and subtractive machining processes
    • You will also learn about how to use both CAM (computer aided machining) and CAD (computer-aided design) programs to design products.

    Year 2

    • This year’s focus is mostly on CNC machining, the NIMS credentials, and the Workplace Readiness Skills credential. It also focuses on mechatronics systems such as pneumatic, hydraulic, and electronics.
    • In this year, you get more in-depth with the robotic element of the class.

     Year 3

    • The newest addition to mechatronics, year 3 is an independent study class. It is focused on more of the NIMS credentials and more advanced projects; such as manual programming, more advanced machining operations and designs, as well as project work

    Grade Levels: 9-12

  • Instructor


    Shawn Burns

    Started BCAT in 2015

    Working in Mechatronics since 2007

    BS Workforce Education

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