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  • About the Program
    This course will give students an introduction to the gaming industry as well as a foundation in Information Technology and Programming concepts. The program features occupational objectives for careers as a Game Level Designer, a Game Tester, or an Entry Level Programmer. Students taking this course will learn how to create, test, and publish their own games as well as research the gaming industry including the history, player elements, character development, levels, game audio, interface, and the future of the industry. This course also offers a dual enrollment and industry certification opportunities, making it easier for students to get credits in collge and jump into the workforce when they graduate.
  • Instructor


    John Warf

    Started at Burton in 2016
    Entered field in 2007
    CompTIA A+
    Microsoft Certified Professional
    Microsoft Office Specialist

  • Career Pathways

    Game Level Designer

    Game Tester

    Entry Level Programmer

    Video Game Designer