• Full-time RCPSOnline Academy –

    This is a new option for RCPSOnline. We have developed a pathway to graduation for students seeking both standard and advanced diplomas. Our course offerings include both core and elective choices that will satisfy the graduation requirements put forth by the Virginia Department of Education. A list of courses is available under the link to the right.

    A full-time RCPSOnline Academy student will have a schedule that looks more like college, or a 4x4 block schedule. The student will take three or four classes per semester. Because the schedule is very different from our face-to-face, A/B block schedule, a student who chooses the RCPSOnline Academy full-time must stay in RCPSOnline Academy for a full year.  Students who are enrolled in the RCPSOnline Academy are eligible to participate in VHSL athletic and academic activities and school-related events such as prom, homecoming and clubs.  Roanoke County residents can attend the RCPSOnline Academy tuition-free.

    Further considerations:

    • A full-time RCPSOnline Academy student may take up to two credits face to face at his or her base school or BCAT. 
      • Transportation to and from the school or BCAT will not be offered outside of the regular busing schedule
      • Scheduling of face to face classes is limited to the school's master schedule and specific times may not be accommodated
    • All full-time RCPSOnline Academy students are expected to meet academic pacing and performance expectations during the first three weeks of semester one. Those not meeting expectations may be removed from the academy and returned to the base school for face-to-face instruction. 
  • To register for the 2022-2023 RCPSOnline Academy, please contact your school counselor.

    All current RCPS students must register through their school's counseling department. 

    For more information, contact Joe LeGault, supervisor of RCPSOnline.