• Part-time RCPSOnline Academy –

    Any Roanoke County Public Schools student may take up to two online courses of his or her choice through RCPSOnline Academy. As long as the online courses are part of the eight possible credits in a student's schedule and are registered for by the deadline, there are no costs for these courses.   

    Students may take an online course over and above the eight credits. Tuition for extra courses is $400 each.

    Registration for individual online courses is through a student's school counselor and must take place by May 26th. Students may add individual courses after May 26th for $400 each.

    During the school year, students may request a schedule change and add an online class. Tuition is required.

    Click the link to the right for a complete course list. 


  • Registration for free individual 2023-2024 RCPSOnline Academy courses is closed except for newly enrolled students.

    To register and pay for a supplemental class, please contact your school counselor.

    For more information, contact Joe LeGault, supervisor of RCPSOnline.