• Information Regarding the New Virginia Growth Assessments

    Legislation passed by the Virginia General Assembly requires school divisions to administer state-developed pre-assessments to students in grades 3-8 math and reading. Middle school students taking Algebra I or Geometry will not participate.  These tests will let teachers know how much students learned last year and allow us, in conjunction with other data we have, to better serve your child by letting us know if the student needs enrichment or extra help with foundational skills.  The state Growth Assessments will also be used to identify students for the growth component of school accreditation.

    Although the tests look like SOL tests and have a similar format, they are not SOL tests.  They are much shorter – about half the length of a normal SOL test – and are not high stakes tests.  Students will NOT get pass/fail designations on the tests since they are only pre-tests.  Our schools are giving them in a two-week window starting on August 23rd.  The school or teacher will notify you of the exact dates within the window.  No special preparation is necessary.  Parent reports will be sent out about a month after the window.

    If you have any questions, please contact your school’s testing coordinator or the Roanoke County testing office at 562-3900 x 10257.

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