Information for Currently Enrolled Students

  • Important Fall Dates

    • Fall session begins August 24th and ends December 7th
    • Teachers will begin contacting students and families the week of August 15th
    • Last day to drop a class without penalty is September 14th

    Important Spring Dates

    • Spring session begins January 18th and ends May 8th
    • Teachers will begin contacting students and families the week of January 9th
    • Last day to drop a class without penalty is February 8th

    Important Reminders

    • Fulltime or part-time Academy enrollment is a year-long commitment. Students cannot transition back to face-to-face instruction after September 14th. This is due to the difference in scheduling – face-to-face classes operate on an A/B block for the full year, while the online classes are one-semester classes, much like college (certain dual enrollment and world language classes are full-year).
    • If adequate progress is not made by September 14th, the student will transition back to face-to-face instruction or be dropped from the online course(s).
    • Please make sure student and parent/guardian email addresses and phone numbers are correct in Synergy – contact your school counseling department if you are unsure.

    Additional Academy and Course Information

    • Laptops, books, or other required resources are available shortly before the course starts and are picked up at a student’s base school.
      • Teachers will communicate with you if you need physical books or other resources. Most classes use digital resources but there are a few exceptions.
      • If you have an issue with your school laptop, please make an appointment with your school to take it in.
    • Academy courses are asynchronous.
      • This means that a student does not log on for live instruction and that the schedule is different than the regular school schedule.
      • The only exception is for certain world language classes where students meet two or three times a week online for a speaking component.
      • This also means that the classes are largely self-paced, which requires a student to stay organized and diligent about working every day to avoid getting behind.
    • Class grades are kept in either Blackboard, Synergy, or both.
      • You will find a current grade and percent of course completed in StudentVue and ParentVue. These will be updated weekly.
      • Specific information about assignments can only be found in Blackboard.
    • Be proactive in your communication with teachers.
      • If you have questions, need help, will be absent for a period of time, experience technology issues, or anything else that would cause you to fall behind, please notify your teacher as soon as possible.
    • Pay attention to the information posted in each class – it may be different from class to class.
      • Read all directions carefully.
      • Pay attention to due dates and times.
      • Make sure you understand how to submit work.
      • Read all directions carefully (repeated for emphasis!)
      • Contact your teacher for clarity about anything you don’t understand