• Parents/Guardians RE: Assessment / Reference requests


    Please be advised that in order for any school employee (including teachers, case managers, school counselors…) to communicate with a third party (tutor, outside counselor, Dr.’s office, private school…) regarding your student, we must have a signed Authorization For Release / Exchange of Record Information (GU.3-134-16) on file in the Counseling Office. The form is valid for one (1) year from the date it is originally signed. 

    If you need a form, please contact the CSMS Counseling Office on: 540-562-3900 x30010.

    Please do NOT send assessment forms or reference requests to the school with your students and please do NOT send them directly to your students’ teachers – the process for distribution, collection and transmission of any 3rd party requests, is managed with and through the Counseling Office.