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  • What is RCPSOnline Academy?

  • Who is eligible to enroll in RCPSOnline Academy courses?

  • What does it cost to enroll in RCPSOnline Academy courses?

  • How does a student register for RCPSOnline Academy?

  • Who teaches the RCPSOnline Academy courses?

  • How are RCPSOnline Academy courses structured?

  • When do classes begin and end?

  • Can students work at their own pace?

  • How many courses can a student take?

  • What skills are needed to succeed in an online class?

  • Do RCPSOnline Academy courses meet NCAA eligibility requirements?

  • What does a student do if they have a technology issue?

  • Whom do I contact with other questions about RCPSOnline Academy?

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