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    Students will gain a basic understanding of the historical development and role of a radiologic technologist within the healthcare setting, as well as obtain basic knowledge of human anatomy, physiology, basic disease processes, and the essentials of patient care.  This course will also explain the legal, ethical, and professional responsibilities associated with becoming a radiologic technologist, while emphasizing the importance of good communication and critical-thinking skills.  Mastery of the material in this course would provide students with a strong background should they wish to pursue certification in areas such as first aid, CPR, or AED, as well as a Limited Radiology Technologist License.  This class will be held in a Carilion facility and students must provide their own transportation.


    This YouTube video from the National Radiologic Society explains what medical imaging is:

  • Instructor


    Cheryl Cunningham

    Started at Rad Tech Limited in 2022
    Entered the field in 1986
    MS - Community Health
    BS - Health Science
    AAS - Radiography  
    Registered Technologist



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    Radiologic Technologist

    Ultrasound Technologist


    MRI Technologist

    Quality Management

    Computed Tomography (CT)