Just in Time tutoring
  • Just-in-time tutoring provides students in grades 6-12 with an immediate online live tutor 24 hours per day/7 days per week.  If a student is struggling with independent work, they can get immediate help to get them “unstuck,” even if they are at home late at night.

    In addition to covering multiple subjects, just-in-time tutoring provides online help via chat and voice.  Tutor.com also provides paper proofreading (12-hour turnaround time) and industry-leading Princeton Review ACT/SAT prep courses and materials.  This levels the field for students who don’t have the same amount of parent support or financial resources at home. 

  • Get Expert LIVE help 24/7 with:

    English & Writing
    (Grade 6 through AP English Literature)

    (Grade 6 through AP Calculus BC)

    (Grade 6 through AP Physics)

    Social Studies
    (Grade 6 through AP Government)

    World Languages
    (French, German, Spanish)