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    What is the secret to becoming a better reader? Read every day! It is recommended that students read at least 15-20 minutes each day to build strong reading skills.

    Here are 5 tips for reading with your child:

    1. Encourage participation. Interact with each other while reading. Have a discussion about the story. Make predictions about what you think might happen next.
    2. Get comfortable. Choose a favorite place in your house to read. Make it cozy with blankets, pillows, and a favorite stuffed animal.
    3. Remove distractions. Make sure the TV is off and that other forms of technology, such as phones and tablets, are put away.
    4. Offer variety. Reading materials come in many different forms. Read magazines, newspapers, comics, letters, poems, brochures, and recipes.
    5. Share the spotlight. Encourage your child to choose the book they want to read. Take turns reading.

    Reading together is time well spent. It helps to develop imagination, and it boosts creativity and thinking skills. Thank you for all you do to help to encourage a life-long love of reading!


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Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Ashleigh Fisher

Reading Specialist & Literacy Coach

Hometown: New York, NY
Bachelors Degree: BA in Sociology, Roanoke College
Masters Degree: Masters of Reading, University of Virginia
Other Certifications: Reading Specialist Endorsement
Years Teaching: 24 years