• Clearbrook Library

    Welcome to the Clearbrook Elementary School library!

    I am your librarian, Mrs. Ellen Harmon.

    Mrs. Harmon

    I am so excited to be reopening our library this year.  It will be wonderful to have our students come to the library “in-person” and to choose their own books.  We now have a new carpeted area as well as a New Books section.  You may be wondering why I chose a picture of myself in front of an M&M? In addition to loving candy, I think reading is a lot like M&Ms.  Reading is a delicious treat! It can be hard at the outset like the candy’s shell. However, once you master it and try all the different flavors (or genres)-science fiction, historical fiction, fantasy, non-fiction-you will find there is much sweetness and a flavor for everyone.

    Thank you for sharing your children with me.  Even though last year was challenging, it was a joy to work with your wonderful, enthusiastic, and resilient children.  They made coming to work every day a joy!  I’m looking forward to greeting past and new students alike.

    Our library catalog may be accessed by clicking on the Destiny library catalog link below or through your child's Class Link:  Follett Destiny.  Another great resource for books that is located on Class Link is the SORA app.  Roanoke County has bought books on this app for your students to checkout. It has online books for all ages and is a wonderful resource.  If you haven't already tried it, please do!

    Finally, if you have an questions, need help, or would like to volunteer in the library please contact me at eharmon@rcps.us

    I look forward to hearing from you and meeting you in person!

    Happy Reading! 


    Below are links to online resources available to your students at home.