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    Marisa Arrieta                   Margo Taylor                       Amanda Lohr               Katie Bredenkamp
    School Counselor            Counseling Coordinator     School Counselor        School Counselor      


    Alex Gunn                 Chris Ayers                                Deanna Bibby             
    Life Counselor          Administrative Assistant          Social Worker                                                        


    *If you would like to speak with a counselor, please fill out the form below.  A counselor will contact you by the end of the next school day.  If you are concerned about a classmate or school safety, you may call or text SpeakUp at 540-595-0706 or email

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    Main Film Lab Program -  After School, Twice Per Week.

    September 2022 Through May 2023 –  High School students only!

    Come join our flagship-school program that has produced award-winning movies and filmmakers. Learn about all aspects of the film industry at an in-depth level and be involved in the lifecycle of a film all the way from pre-production to a premiere at the Grandin Theatre! If you are interested in filmmaking as a career or want to have a deeper appreciation for all the effort, craft, and artistry that goes into a film, this is the program for you!


    For More Information & Application Click Here!

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