• Medication Policy:
    7.13 Prescription Medication Administration (click here to view Roanoke County Public Schools Administrative Regulations)

    Students are not allowed to carry medicine to school. Medication must be brought to school by parent or guardian in its original unopened container for OTC meds. Prescription medication must be brought in the prescription bottle. Physician signature is required on form for prescription medication. Students are allowed to carry their own lip balm and cough drops.

    School Nurse Health Information Sheet - Emergency Numbers
    Please complete a yellow Health Information Form.  This ensures that we have the most recent health, allergy and contact information in event of an emergency. Please call if changes occur.  See the health forms link to download this form, or pick up a copy from the Nurse's office or Guidance. Please call the nurse to discuss health related issues.

    Recommended Immunization Schedule:
    Click here for a recommended schedule from the CDC.

    Rising 6th Graders must have a tdap booster to start 6th grade
    All students in middle school (6,7 & 8) must have had the tdap booster within the last 5 years and documentation must be on file at school.

    If you have asthma and you carry an inhaler to school you must have an Asthma Action Card on file. Please see the health forms link to download this form or you may pick a copy up in the Nurse's office.  

    Do you need health insurance?-FAMIS Please call if I can be of assistance in obtaining this.

    Vision screening is done on all 7th graders and students new to Roanoke County Public Schools. If you need assistance with exams and/or eyeglasses, call for me more information. BMI screening is done on all 7th graders that are present on screening day.

    Community Resources:


    Bradley Free Clinic
    540-344-5156 ext.223
    1240 3rd St NW Roanoke, Va 24016

    Roanoke County Health Department:
    Vinton: 540-857-7800
    Salem: 540-387-5530

    Hurt Park Teen Health Center
    teenagers 10-19 yrs


    New Horizons Healthcare
    (formerly known as Kuumba)
    4910 Valley View Blvd. Roanoke 24012



    Dr. Van McCarter
    Roanoke County/Salem Health Dept.


    Hometown Clinic: Immediate Health Care
    Inside Kroger @ Cave Spring Corner
    3971 Brambleton Ave. Roanoke
    Physicals available

    Mental Health

    Connect 1-800-284-8898

    Teen Line 540-982-8336
    Families Anonymous 540-387-3105


    Smiles for Children
    Medicaid, FAMIS, or
    FAMIS plus Dental Coverage

  • School Nurse
    Tracy Delaney, R.N.

    (540) 562-3900 ext. 30039

    Office Hours:
    8:30 a.m. to 2:45 p.m.