Applications for the 2022-2023 school year are due on January 31, 2022.
    Applications received past this date will be placed on a wait list.


    If you have questions regarding Burton Center for Arts and Technology, email Ms. Gibbons, BCAT School Counselor at tgibbons@rcps.us

    or call 540-562-3900 ext 29011


    General BCAT Application

    Click here to apply!


    Specialty Centers & Teaching Internship

    If you are applying to a Specialty Center or Teaching Internship, please fill out the BCAT application (above). If you indicate any of the specialty centers or the teaching internship as a top choice at Burton, someone will reach out with a request for more information. Multiple people may reach out requesting a "Part 2" of the application process if you indicate more than one center or the teaching internship. Please be sure to follow up with all people who reach out to you so that your application with each program is complete. The four centers have an application checklist, which can be accessed by visiting the links below.

    For more information and the application checklists, please visit:

    Center for Engineering Information

    Center for Mass Communication Studies Information

    Center for the Performing Arts Information

    Center for the Visual Arts and Museum Studies Information

    Teaching Internship