• Roanoke County Public Schools envisions technology as an integral part of daily learning in each classroom. We believe that technology will empower students to make wise choices, assume ownership of their own learning, and become producers of knowledge rather than just consumers. These invaluable tools are keys to preparing them for the future they face.


    We strive for fusion of technology and curricula that is seamless and invisible. Reaching this goal requires consistent models and frameworks, sufficient quantities of reliable hardware and software, adequate support, and a robust network infrastructure to guarantee ease of use regardless of the application chosen to meet the unique needs of the learner. The use of technology has become as natural as the chalkboard or the pencil.


    Along with the plethora of knowledge available via networks also comes the responsibility of preparing students to be literate consumers of information. We must guide students to answer the question, “How will this information help me reach my goal?” We recognize that it is not the technology itself that is important, but how we use a variety of technology tools as consumers and producers of information.