C-Change Strategic Framework

  • A long-time leader in instructional technology, Roanoke County Public Schools (RCPS) is continuing a sea change in the way instructional planning, digital resources, and technology are leveraged to transform the learning experience of students in all RCPS classrooms toward deeper learning. By shifting the learning focus toward a balance between content knowledge and the equally important process of developing 21st century skills, RCPS affirms its mission to ensure students are equipped with collaborative problem-solving skills and are able to think and communicate creatively about their experiences. In this paradigm, providing access to digital resources and technology is neither the end game nor is it limited to passive tasks such as taking online tests or accessing information. Students use a variety of technology tools as consumers as well as producers of information.

    None of this happens within a vacuum; rather, students will successfully achieve within a carefully cultivated climate and culture conducive to learning and with educators and support staff fully prepared to collaboratively meet the needs of each student.

    For RCPS, the sea change toward deeper learning means leveraging technology in meaningful ways to focus on the C’s of 21st century learning –Citizenship, Collaboration, Communication, Creativity, and Critical thinking— while continuing to ensure that every student has appropriate resources to achieve along the path to graduation and beyond.

    There are several parts that make up the Strategic Framework:

RCPS Strategic Framework