Equity and Engagement

  • Equity and Engagement in RCPS

    familyRoanoke County Public Schools believes in and celebrates a positive, diverse, and inclusive community of learners that welcomes and values respect for all students and families. From our youngest preschoolers to our graduating seniors, the RCPS community includes students from all walks of life, backgrounds, areas of physical and academic strengths and challenges, interests and perspectives, and life experiences. 

    Our schools are committed to being welcoming and safe places where all students and staff are valued and respected. We embrace equity of opportunity for all students and staff as we work hard together to advance and support student learning, and be the best we can be as a community.

    These tenets form the foundation of the ideas of "School and Classroom Climate" found in the RCPS C-Change Framework:

    • The school community cultivates a physically, emotionally, and intellectually safe environment in which students experience a sense of belonging.
    • Schools are positive, welcoming communities built on a foundation of mutual respect and equity of opportunity.
    • Students exhibit a high standard of citizenship in both face-to-face and online interactions.
    • Students and staff exhibit collaboration and communication skills that contribute to a positive school climate.

    The RCPS Counseling program and PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports) and Expect Respect initiatives are key components of our efforts to engage students to be included in the school community and provide equity of opportunity for all students. Please visit the Counseling webpage for more information or contact Dr. Shawn Hughes, Director of School Counseling, or Dr. Jessica McClung, Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources and Student Services. 


  • Roanoke County Public Schools celebrates our diverse and inclusive community of learners.  We are committed to providing opportunities for and supporting the needs of all students within an environment of respect.



  • Contact:

    Dr. Jessica McClung
    Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources and Student Services
    (540) 562-3900 x10181