Finance Department

  • It is our goal to develop and maintain financial policies, promote and model good stewardship in financial matters, and prepare accurate financial reports using best practices and compliance with generally accepted accounting procedures and applicable legal regulations. 

    Please see the menu to the left for detailed information and reports.  In addition, monthly financial reports are submitted to the School Board under the consent agenda and accessible through BoardDocs.

COVID-19 Funding Summary

2023 Budget Blog

  • 07/11/22 Budget Blog - Budget Revision

  • 06/20/22 Budget Blog - General Assembly Update

  • 04/05/22 Budget Blog - Budget Adoption Revision

  • 03/24/22 Budget Blog - Budget Adoption

  • 03/15/22 Budget Blog - Update on State and Priority List

  • 03/01/22 Budget Blog - Local Revenue, Compensation Update, Other Funds

  • 02/03/22 Budget Blog - Compensation and Benefits

  • 01/04/22 Budget Blog - Governor's Budget and Replacement Plans

  • 12/09/21 Budget Blog - 2021-2022 Midyear Pay Scale Adjustment & Intro to Budgeting