Athletics Director Announcements


  • Athletic Ticket Prices

    Adult tickets cost $5 and student tickets cost $2 for all middle school athletic contests. These prices are observed by all competing schools on our sports schedules.

    Sports Eligibility Requirements:

    Athletics are offered to 6th,7th & 8th graders. 

    Boys and girls trying out for interscholastic athletic teams must be in the 6th,7th or 8th grade in order to be eligible. Students must also have passed 5 subjects at the conclusion of the previous semester completed in order to be able to try out for athletic teams in the current semester. Students are eligible to participate in only four consecutive semesters upon being promoted to the 7th grade.

    A physical examination is also required in order to try out for athletic teams. For this year, these examinations can be completed no earlier than May 1st in order to be current for the school year. Physical examination forms may be obtained in the school’s office.




  • Athletic Director
    Josh K. Noell
    (540) 772-7560