Jubal Poindexter
  • About Mr. Poindexter

    Jubal Poindexter will serve as our new Physical Education Instructor at MVES.  Mr. Poindexter is a Roanoke County native and Northside High School Graduate.  Mr. Poindexter received his Bachelors of Science in Pre K–12 Education with an emphasis in Health & Physical Education from Ferrum College.  Mr. Poindexter is entering his 19th year of teaching with experience in High School, Middle School and Elementary School.

  • Physical Education at MVES

    Physical Education at Mountain View Elementary School will enable all students to achieve their very best socially, emotionally and physically.  Our mission is to help build lifelong fitness for all students and families both presently and as they continue to grow and develop in the future.  Physical Education classes will be engaging, fun, interactive, community involved and collaborative with core classroom instruction.  Emphasis will be on developing young boys and girls into individuals that can lead at school, home and in our community.

    To encourage healthy living and active lifestyles, students will engage in a variety of physical activities but will also be introduced to health and fitness-related principles.  Students will be very active; therefore, all students are required to wear appropriate footwear and clothing to assure safety for self and others.  Below are some activities from our curriculum that students will participate in:


    Throwing & Catching         Small Group Games

    Spatial Awareness             Self Assessment

    Force & Accuracy              Peer Assessment

    Locomotor Skills                Family Fitness Challenge

    Pathways & Levels            Dance & Rhythm

    Jumping & Landing            Striking Implements                 

    Sports History                    Throwing with Opposition

    Locomotor Skills                Engage Core & Balance

    Pathways & Levels            Tag & Flee

    Jumping & Landing            Cooperative Gameplay

    Muscular System               Volleying

    Skeletal System                 Over/Underhand Throw

    Fitness Components          Student SMART Goals