• Music Teacher:

    Mary Lou Hagen

    Shannon Norman



    Welcome to our Music Class! 

    We hope your child will be coming home and telling you all about what we are doing in Music Class this year. We believe that Music should be FUN as well as EDUCATIONAL, and we strive every day to teach your children, in an enjoyable and active way, as much about Music as we can. We also sincerely hope that they learn to love music enough to make it a part of their everyday lives forever. During class, we will be working on many musical skills including singing, playing instruments, listening & moving to music, music theory, and music history. In addition, music will be taught that reinforces skills that our students are studying in their academic classrooms. It is well documented that learning through music increases knowledge in all subject areas. 

    You are most welcome to call us any time with any concerns or questions. If you leave a message, we will do our very best to call you back that same day if possible.

    Thank you for all your support and we look forward to working with your children!

    Mary Lou Hagen & Shannon Norman

    GVES Music Teachers