School Counselors:

    Morgan Sirbaugh

    Julie Hieber

    Guidance Lessons: Counselors come into each classroom for Guidance once every 12 days to learn about and discuss certain life topics, including Social-Emotional Learning, Expect Respect (RCPS’s Anti Bullying Program), Mental Health and Wellness, Career Exploration, Personal and Internet Safety, and more!

    Groups: Our counselors pull groups of students during their lunch periods to discuss certain topics.  Groups usually meet once during the 12-week rotation for approximately 8 total sessions. Reach out to Ms. Sirbaugh (3-5) or Mrs. Hieber (K-2) to learn more about Groups.  Group topics include:

    • SOAR- following school expectations, impulse control, decision making skills
    • I Can Control My Worries- anxiety, coping skills, positive self-talk
    • M.A.D. (Managing Anger Differently)- calming strategies
    • Study Skills- organization, time-management, focus
    • All About Me- build self-esteem and confidence
    • Friendship- social skills, conflict resolution
    • Changing Families- students struggling with parent separation/divorce or other unique family situations
    • Grief- students struggling with the loss of a loved one

    Individual Counseling: Our school counselors are here to provide individual counseling for any student.  If you would like your child to talk with the school counselor call or email Ms. Sirbaugh (Grades 3-5) or Mrs. Hieber (Grades K-2).