• History of Mountain View Elementary

    The first elementary school in this area was Tombstone School, a small brick building built around 1872. The school was located on the old road to Roanoke, formerly known as the Tombstone Road. Other schools serving the area were the Hollins Grammar School, located near the intersection of Williamson Road and Peters Creek Road, and a Mountain View School that still stands on Old Hollins Road.

    The old Mountain View School closed around 1939, and the children attended Burlington School. Then in 1958, crowded conditions at Burlington made it necessary to build the present school. Mountain View School, located on Plantation Circle, was built in 1958 on twelve acres of farm land and was first opened in the fall of 1959. Continuous growth in this section of the county made it necessary to construct additions to the school in 1962, 1967, and 1969.

    During the 1987-1988 school year our school was recognized by the Department of Education as having one of the best elementary programs in the country.

    Our school was air conditioned and remodeled on the outside to make it more energy efficient in 1993.

    In the front area of the school a quarter-mile walking track was built in memory of a student in 1996. The track serves both the school and community. New playground equipment was purchased by the PTA and installed in the play area inside the track in 2002.

    In the fall of 2003, our most recent and extensive renovation project began. A new building with 20 new classrooms and 4 resource rooms was added. Remodeling in the older building included a new media center, art room, music room, regular classrooms, and resource classrooms. The kitchen and cafeteria were remodeled, as well. Renovations also included new offices and a school clinic.

    During the summer of 2014, we added an outdoor fitness center in honor of Mr. Tom Hall for the many years of service he provided to the Mountain View community as our principal and Director of Human Resources. We are so excited about this additional fitness area as we strive to promote healthy lifestyles with our students.

    The school has been privileged to have a very active Parent Teacher Association which has served the school immeasurably with its volunteers, contributions of materials and equipment, and beautification of the school. As budget cuts loom, resources are depleted, and operational costs rise, our PTA continues to provide funding for excellent support materials and activities benefiting all our Mountain View students and families. Please continue to support the PTA fundraisers, participate as a volunteer, and say thank you to an organization that truly gives to all our children.

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