• RCPS at home

  • Roanoke County Public Schools is offering two programs to provide students
    in grades K-12 with multiple options to receive remote instruction.

  • Summer Academy Registration is now open! Please click HERE for details

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  • student in a live online class

    RCPSOnline (grades K-12)

    Remote learning provided five days per week.

    Students follow a regular base school schedule that includes four subject area courses.

    Classes are taught by teachers at the student’s base school and will include live instruction.

    Students may move from this mode of instruction into RCPS Blended if the move can be accommodated due to space considerations.

    Instruction will be a combination of live teaching and student work with regularly scheduled assignments and due dates.  Pace is set by the instructor in accordance with the division curriculum and pacing guides.

    At the Elementary School level, English and mathematics will be the focus with daily lessons. Students will receive weekly science and social studies lessons.

    At the Secondary School level, courses are offered on an A/B basis for the entire year for high schools.  Middle school English, math, science and social studies are offered every day.  English and math meet for the entire year, while science and social studies meet for one semester. Most electives and health and PE are on an A/B basis. 

    >> Click this link for the RCPSOnline Program

  • student working independently

    RCPSOnline Academy (grades 9-12)

    Remote learning is provided five days per week.

    Students do not follow a traditional classroom schedule. Students are enrolled in up to four courses at a time. Learning is self-paced with real-time instruction on an as-needed basis.

    Students are taught by RCPSOnline faculty.

    Students who start the in RCPSOnline Academy will complete the school year using this mode of instruction.

    The pace of instruction varies depending on the course.  Much of the instruction is at the student's own pace within due dates established by the instructor.

    Most courses are designed to be completed within one semester. World language and dual enrollment classes are designed to be completed over the course of an entire year. Semester 1 Academy courses begin on September 9th and end on December 9th. Semester 2 Academy courses begin January 27th and end May 5th.

    >> Click this link for the RCPSOnline Academy