• Oak Grove Elementary School 2019-2020  School Supply List

    Fourth Grade

    In 2019-2020, Oak Grove will be continuing an effort to help our students become more organized and effective in their study habits and study skills. In preparation for this, we are sending the basic supply list for your child. We hope this will be helpful in doing your “school shopping” gradually and allowing you to take advantage of sales that may occur during the summer.


    Student Essentials:

    ___ 1 package of notebook paper 200 count (College rule preferably)

    ___ 1 1-inch three-ring binder (Science)

    ___ 1 1 ½ -inch three-ring binder (VA Studies)

    ___ 2 three-subject spiral notebooks (Math & Reading)

    ___ 1 package of 10 dividers

    ___ 1 red folder (plastic with NO brads) ~ Reading Folder

    ___ 1 purple folder (plastic with NO brads) ~ Tuesday Tote

    ___ 1 folder of your choosing (plastic with NO brads) ~ Homework Folder

    ___ 2 packages of 12 No. 2 pencils (If possible, please sharpen before bringing them to school.)

    ___ 3 packages of 8 glue sticks

    ___ 3 highlighters (any color)

    ___ 1 box of colored pencils and/or 1 box of crayons and/or 1 package of washable colored markers (Skinny or fat)

    ___ 1 large zippered pencil pouch (No pencil boxes please. They don’t fit in desks.)

    ___ 1 pair of child size scissors (Fiskars are especially good.)

    ___ 1 package of Expo markers (any color)

    ___ 3 boxes of tissues

    ___ 1 pair of headphones or earbuds


    The following items are classroom needs that are very much appreciated but optional. Thanks!

    ___ baggies (Ziplock gallon size and/or sandwich size and/or snack size)

    ___ construction paper

    ___ glue sticks and/or glue bottles

    ___ Scotch tape

    ___ Clorox wipes and/or baby wipes