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  • Child to policeman: I think I’m lost!

    Policeman: What’s your address?

    Child: kevin95@cloud.net 


    Q: Why did the computer show up late for work?

    A: It had a hard drive.


    Q: What was the spider doing on the computer?

    A: Making a website!


    Q: Why was the computer cold?

    A: It left its Windows open!


    Q: What do you call a robot's laugh?

    A: A Giggle-Byte!

    ~Submitted by Ethan Grubb

  • Q: Why did the PowerPoint Presentation cross the road?

    A: To get to the other slide. 

     What is a computer's biggest fear? A Terabyte

    ~Submitted by Michael Mitcham


    Q: What do you call a computer super hero?

    A: A screen saver