• List of Businesses Seeking Student Apprentices for the 2023-2024 School Year

     * - denotes businesses that are scheduled to attend the 2023 Student Registered Apprenticeship Showcase

  • Balzer and Associates *

  • First Four Petroleum Group*

  • G&H Contracting*

  • GJ Hopkins*

  • Henritze Dental Group*

  • Hotel Roanoke and Conference Center*

  • Integer*

  • Lawrence Companies*

  • Medeco*

  • Mersen*

  • Optical Cable Corp.*

  • Salem City Water Department*

  • ServPro*

  • Southern Trust Home Services*

  • Varney Inc.*

  • Wabtec Graham White*

  • Western Virginia Water Authority*

Click the image below to view photos from the 2022 Showcase:
  • The Registered Apprenticeship program was designed in the 1930’s by the Roosevelt administration.  Originally designed as an adult job preparation program, it has expanded over the years to encompass over 1,300 jobs in a variety of businesses and industries and the Registered Apprenticeship (RA) program.   Managed by the Department of Labor and Industry (DOLI) in Virginia, the RA program offers a unique work-based learning model for 16-18 year old students.  Student participants in the RA program work towards credentials associated with each business through employment training and instruction.  This is not an internship – apprentices are employed by the company.   Once the student completes the program, they are eligible for a Journeyman’s license.  This license is a portable and widely recognized credential that indicates the student has relevant training and is on the path to becoming a master in their industry.

    • Student apprentices work approximately 20 hours per week.
    • Most RA positions require a minimum of 2000 on the job hours and 144 hours per year of industry-related instruction.
    • After high school graduation, the hours accumulated as a student apprentice transfer directly to the adult apprenticeship program.
    • Students receive school credit for their apprenticeship.
    • Student schedules will be arranged in a manner agreed upon by the student, parent, school system, and employer.
    • The Virginia Dept. of Education (VDOE) has developed guidelines for work-based learning (WBL) that is followed by the school system.


  • Why Registered Apprenticeship (RA)?

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    If you are interested in applying what you are learning in high school, earning money and becoming a highly-skilled and credentialed employee soon out of high school, you can apply to be an apprentice. In many cases the companies for which you work will help you pursue furthering your education which means minimizing student debt for you and your family

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  • Who can Participate?

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    Students aged 16 and up. Student must be 16 by the start-date of their apprenticeship

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  • What if I am not 16 years old?

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    Speak with school counselor about courses to schedule in a career pathway to prepare you for the Apprenticeship Program

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  • What does Registered Apprenticeship involve?

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    A commitment to maintaining good grades in school and working part-time at the business under specific VDOLI regulated conditions toward becoming a highly-trained and credentialed employee of said business 

    The process of being selected includes (not limited to) students being screened by your school division personnel to ensure graduation requirements can be met and an interview by the business

    Time may be spent at the industry site during at least part of the school day

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  • Where can I find more information?

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    Please contact your school’s counseling department and/or via your school division’s CTE office.

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  • When should I begin the Process?

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    Expressing interest in the RA process should begin with normal course registration via school counselors in the year prior to the beginning of the desired apprenticeship

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  • School Contact Information:

    Roanoke City Public Schools
    Jess Truax - Work-Based Learning Coordinator
    Phone – 540-853-6303
    Email: jtruax@rcps.info


    Roanoke County Public Schools
    Mark Jones – Supervisor of Career & Technical Education
    Phone – 540-562-3900 ext 10332
    Email:  mcjones@rcps.us

    Jason Suhr – CTE Director
    Phone – 540-562-3900 ext 10331
    Email: jsuhr@rcps.us


    Salem City Schools
    Jamie Soltis-Assistant Superintendent
    Phone – 540-389-0130
    Email:  jsoltis@salem.k12.va.us