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Hudson to continue as school board chairman for 2024, Facciani named vice-chairman

Brent HudsonThe Roanoke County School Board has elected Catawba member, Brent Hudson, to continue as school board chairman for 2024.  Hudson was first elected chairman in 2023.  The board also elected Windsor Hills member, Cheryl Facciani, as the vice-chairman.  This is Facciani’s first term as vice-chairman.

In addition, the school board approved the list of meeting dates and times for 2024.  School board meetings will take place at 6 p.m.  Work sessions will take place at 3:30 p.m.  Meetings are scheduled to take place as follows (dates and times are subject to change):  

January   4               School Board Work Session
January 18               School Board Meeting
February 1               School Board Work Session
February 22             School Board Meeting
March   7                 School Board Work Session
March  19                School Board Work Session (Budget - Extra Work Session)
March   21               School Board Meeting
April   4                    School Board Work Session
April 18                    School Board Meeting
May  2                     School Board Work Session
May 16                    School Board Meeting
June  6                    School Board Work Session
June 20                   School Board Meeting
July 11                    School Board Work Session
July 18                    School Board Meeting
August  1                 School Board Work Session
August 15                School Board Meeting
September 5            School Board Work Session
September 19          School Board Meeting
October 3                School Board Work Session
October 17              School Board Meeting
November 7            School Board Work Session
November 14          School Board Meeting
December 5            School Board Work Session
December 19          School Board Meeting

All meetings and work sessions will take place at the Roanoke County Public Schools Central Office located at 5937 Cove Road in Roanoke.  Meetings are open to the public.  In-person meeting attendance may be limited and citizens may have to use overflow rooms.  

Meetings and work sessions are streamed live and are available for on-demand playback at  Meeting agendas can be found at  

Citizens of Roanoke County or parents, students, or employees of Roanoke County Public Schools who wish to address the School Board in person, must sign up in advance by 8 a.m. on the morning of the meeting using the form found at  Please see for additional speaker requirements and notices.