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First Grade Supplies

First Grade Supply List


       Please label these items with student’s name.   

*1 pair of child’s scissors

*1 pencil box—no zipper pouches please

*1 box of yellow #2 sharpened pencils 

*erasers (pencil top or big pink)

*1 box of markers

*2 boxes of 24-count crayons

*2 bottles of Elmer’s glue 

*8 glue sticks


 *white T-shirt (this will be used all year—buy big)  

              Please do not label these items.

*2 black/white composition notebooks

*2 boxes of tissues

*1 container of anti-bacterial wipes (no Clorox)

*1 pkg. of thin Expo markers                          

                    *1 pkg. post-it notes

                    *zip-loc bags: girls—snack size

                                          boys—sandwich size